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Pro Audio

Paradise will provide a perfectly tuned and balanced system whatever the venue or talent. We have provided clear and intelligible audio reinforcement in a wide variety of locations and venues, inside and out -- whether ballroom, boardroom, arena or poolside.


We have supported the most demanding name talent with concert quality audio systems, monitors and backline. We also know the world of business-theater and have provided complex audio to conference presenters, keynote speakers and performers flawlessly. Whether a concert, general session, live television production or film premier, Paradise offers a large inventory of gear that can be designed for any size production.


Video and Projection

Every show is unique, and Paradise has the video inventory and crew to exceed your requirements. From wide screen multi-projector blends with advanced windowing technology and big lumen power horses, to simple LCD projectors and flat panel plasma monitors.


Our video team will work with you to understand your needs and determine the right equipment, the proper routing, switching, monitoring, media support and crew. We will design systems for seamless integration of multiple sources, no matter the media.


In addition to managing source media and projection, we will provide SD beta or HD Cam I-MAG systems including cameras, routing, switching, director and crew. We have a Media Server system with a huge digital juice library of backgrounds. If you anticipate some on-site surprises, our digital editors can handle last-minute downloads or edit a pop-up candids video. No matter your need, we will technically design a video system and crew solution to deliver a flawless presentation.



Pro Lighting

At Paradise, part of our original DNA is lighting. An integral component of every event, great professional lighting goes beyond illumination -- it defines environments, highlights products, creates moods, signals movements, produces drama and spurs excitement.


Paradise pro lighting begins with planning and careful, appropriate, aesthetic design. We offer full-service design and execution -- planning and plots, design specs, programming, CAD layouts and drawings and rigging plans -- for simple or complex lighting systems.


Every show is designed, drawn and patched in house. Every cable is labeled and every lighting instrument numbered. The detail may be exhausting, but that is what Paradise designers and electricians do every day to ensure a perfect show.


Whether you design or we design it, our equipment will come prepped and show ready.


Project Management

Planning, management and project ownership is the backbone of every Paradise Show production and the focus of every Paradise project manager.


Our process begins at the earliest stages of planning and covers you through the entire cycle.  At project inception, we provide initial consultation, site surveys, and CAD drawings. Pre-production includes planning crew and labor allocation, gear specification and estimates. On-site you are covered with project management and ownership of everything from load to final curtain.


Technical Specs, Crews and Labor

Matching our gear and talent to your needs is what we do best -- offering you innovative, creative, cost effective technical solutions that fit your needs whether small or large. We have experienced crews throughout the country. We understand labor unions and are well versed and experienced in negotiating challenging terms in all the major cities.



Paradise owns its own trucking.  We can get anywhere affordably. Be assured that we will work with your budget to make the right logistical arrangements. Paradise has also staged hundreds of programs in the Caribbean.  We have accounts with all major shipping companies, and relationships with the best customs brokers on all the major Islands.  Carnets, work per permits, bills of lading – whatever is required to get it from here to there, we know it, and we do it.  Bahamas, Jamaica, Bermuda, St. Thomas, West Indies, not to mention Mexico and South America. Hablas Esponol?  We’ve got you covered.


Budget Adherence

We NEVER go over budget. NO SURPRISES EVER. We plan everything with you throughout the process, and work to make your budget work from beginning to end.



Scenic Design and Fabrication

From napkin sketch to build -- your design or ours, big or small, whatever color, whatever shape -- whatever you need to create that special stage environment – Paradise Scenic has the solutions.


With over 20,000 square feet, our in-house shop consists of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to build the set of your dreams. Our full-time team of designers, project managers, CNC router artists, head carpenters and painters can make it happen. This experienced powerhouse of talent is just the right size to provide great design and smart ideas, fast and efficiently.


Whether creating a custom set or combining off-the-shelf elements such as drapes, travelers, cyc walls, scrims, fiber optic curtains, columns, lecterns, flats or signage, Paradise has all the right stuff for a finished, professional look.


Corporate Themed Events

From a simple event to a full-scale production, Paradise will help you create a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.


Whether you need to fulfill the technical rider for the Eagles or pin spot centerpieces on table rounds, Paradise can do it. Anything you can imagine -- up lighting on décor, or a gobo shining in the pool, full area ambient lighting or just a special splash on your keynote speaker -- our lighting pros know how to make magic happen.



A/V and Breakouts

Paradise understands the complexities of coordinating audio/visual services and providing complete technical solutions for multiple breakout and meeting room configurations. No matter the number of individual sessions, our Audio Visual Services Group will support your needs with flexibility, pre-planned or last-minute service, and customized accommodations. No project is too big; no detail is too small.


The Paradise AV Services Group has provided audiovisual services to all major convention venues in Orlando and Las Vegas, and other large venues throughout the US.  Our staff consultants use their extensive experience to analyze your needs and customize crew and equipment packages for professional, hassle-free presentations.

Sometimes it’s the smallest detail that makes the biggest impression. Paradise respects the meticulous world of breakouts, but most important Paradise has a friendly, approachable, and knowledgable crew.

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