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Who We Are

Paradise Show and Design is a full-service staging and production company headquartered in Orlando with production offices in Las Vegas and Freeport, Bahamas. We’re experts in large-scale lighting, sound, video and scenic design and build – but never too big to focus on the details of small programs and events.


Our Sweet Spot

Our sweet spot is in looking at the whole picture, and seamlessly integrating all elements. For example, designing the big-name entertainment sound and lighting requirements directly into the business meeting, evaluating environments using floor plans and elevations, incorporating business meeting support or special event and hospitality program support. We use our planning intelligence to seek economies of scale and cost savings wherever possible. We help you do more for less.



For over 25 years we have been providing our services to some of the finest professionals -- show producers, designers, directors, meeting planners and talent managers -- in big-name entertainment, corporate theater, business meetings, music festivals, live broadcast, sporting events and special events industries. Our customers know us to always be on it and own it.


In-House Capabilities

Everything is in-house – people, tools, and gear. This gives our customers the best service, planning, design and equipment -- first time, and every time. Our staging and production equipment includes top-of-the-line audio, lighting, video and scenic. Our in-house scenic shop is a full-service, design to build 20,000 square foot facility with all the tools, including a CNC router and a computer controlled shaping machine.


Advantage: People

The latest technology and design is at hand to solve the toughest logistical challenges, but the true Paradise advantage comes from our people – scenic and CAD artists, project managers, audio and video engineers, lighting designers, electricians and programmers. Your crew partners at Paradise are dedicated to you. As full-time employees, their only agenda is the success of your program. In some cases, the same key people have been serving the same customers for over 15 years. This provides deliberate consistency and accountability.


Planning, Pre-production, Assurance

What sets us apart from our competitors is Individual attention to our customer’s needs. We stand by every detail from pre-production planning to finish. From each rigging point, elevation, slide transition, lens size, lighting patch, camera angle, show direction, work lights, schedules, directions to the loading dock, EVERYTHING is covered. We fulfill technical riders for name talent almost daily. Day in and day out – this is what we do. Give us the parameters – we will plan, design and build to your budget; big, small or in between, we will solve it. Whether à la carte or turnkey we make it easy for you.


Passion for Success

We are as dedicated to realizing your vision as you are. Whether your program is for 10 people or 10,000, the commitment and service are the same. Our goal is to always provide the most innovative production solutions with unparalleled client service anywhere in the world.

Thank you for your time and consideration.We hope that Paradise will have the opportunity to partner with you on your next program. No matter what you need, we’ll make it happen, and we’ll make it easy.


Looking forward to being part of your team!

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